Windows Code. Detailed information about the Unicode character 'Ballot box' with code point U+2610 that can be used as a symbol or icon on your site. Html Decimal. A ballot box, as used to cast votes in an election. 64 x 64. “Ballot Box With X” on various operating systems The image below shows how the “Ballot Box With X” symbol might look like on different operating systems. These text box signs are text symbols which are usually used to make pseudographics - block graphics known as text symbol art, or ASCII art. Home » Symbols » Check. Szukaj więcej w bibliotece wolnych od tantiem grafik wektorowych iStock, obejmującej grafiki Bez ludzi, które można łatwo i szybko pobrać. Copy and paste ballot box with x symbol ☒ ... ☒ Ballot Box With X U+2612. People old enough to have seen DOS programs should know what I'm talking about. Copy paste a tick symbol, aka tick mark sign, check mark, checkmark for verified correct, "right" sign from here. Symbol Name: Ballot Box with Check: Symbol Text ☐ Alt Code: 9744: Windows Shortcut: Alt+9744: Mac Shortcut: Option + 2610: Word Shortcut: 2610, Alt+X Many platforms display a cross mark or check mark on the ballot to indicate a vote, though Apple and Facebook leave theirs blank. 48 x 48. C, C++, Java. 256 x 256. Fajka w polu wyboru Pobierz tę ilustrację wektorową Female Symbol Ballot Box Icon teraz. Html Hex. ️ Ballot Box with Ballot Emoji Meaning. Tego symbolu używa się również w Korei i Chinach. 128 x 128. Here you go with some maths power symbols, like text square/squared symbol for x², plus a white and black text square box symbol assortment in case you were looking for those. Download Image. Depicted as a box, generally blue or gray, with a slot on top through which a paper ballot is being inserted. Check marks are used to indicate the concept "yes, correct", and denote choice.Tick symbol meaning. HTML Symbols - Unicode symbols, entities and codes Search Print Settings Fajka w tęczowych kolorach [1] była używana także jako logo Amigi , kiedy ta marka należała do firmy Commodore ( 1985 – 1994 ).