TOE-HEEL STOMPS 1-2 Touch right toe together, touch right heel to side. Celtic Cross. Counts: 36 (40) Wall: 4: Choreographer: Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith (USA) 1999: Music: Any Man Of Mine by Shania Twain (157bpm) Externer Link zur Choreographie Externer Link zum Video, Video2: Counts & Steps. Sex On The Beach. Canadian Stomp. 3-4 Stomp right forward, hold 5-6 Touch left toe together, touch left heel to side. El Paso. CANADIAN STOMP Music : Start : Type : Unknown Choreograph : Counts : Level : BPM : Character : Any man Of Mine by Shania Twain (CD The Woman In Me ) Intro + 4 x 8 4 wall line dance 2 36 Newcomer 128 West Coast Swing/Two Step Translation : + 32 (0) 474 356 615 +32 (0) 475 875 905 Marlène De Preez (Wild Horses Country Dancers) - Daniel Steenackers ( … Flying Eights. Ghost Train. Sugar, Sugar. Versuchen Sie sich bei Veranstaltungen der Mehrheit anzupassen – die Unterschiede sind nicht so gravierend! Home. Calendar. Toes. line dance, promote, teach, perform, variety show Menu Skip to content. 2010 dance list. CANADIAN STOMP (« 1-2-3 STEP ») Chorégraphe Inconnu Type Danse en ligne, 40 temps, 4 murs Niveau Débutants Musique(s) Down In A Ditch Joe Diffie 152 bpm Southern Delight. Step Sheet: Canadian-Stomp Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner Choreographer: Michael Beck Music: Any Man Of Mine by Shania Twain … TOE-HEEL STOMPS Halloween 2014 at Heritage Park “Custom Designed” T-Shirts by Silver Threads & Golden Needles; Links; Contact Us; Canadian Stomp. 7-8 Stomp left forward hold. Hey Baby. Squeeze Me In. Home; About Us; Articles; Classes; Dances; Gallery. SJCCC Line Dancing 南澤西中華中心排舞 . Description: 36 count, 4 wall beginner line dance Music: Any Man Of Mine by Shania Twain. Canadian Stomp . Southside Shuffle. Contact us ... 2009 dance list. Tango With The Sheriff . Bachata Mas Que Ayer. Waltz Across Texas. Uno,Dos,Tres. Note: This is not the original choreography, but see »Externer Link zur Choreographie« above. El Paso. Coastin' Cuban Walk. Title: Microsoft Word - Canadian_Stomp_dt.doc Author: Eva Created Date: 5/10/2004 … andi Stomp Choreographer: unknown Description: 36 counts, 4-wall linedance, beginner ... Anmerkung: Der Canadian Stomp existiert in vielen verschiedenen Varianten und wird regional anders getanzt. CANADIAN STOMP Choreographed by Unknown.