Sermon CRO Spaulding Clinical Accium Biosciences ClinArt Akrios BioDevelopment International Lotus Clinical Research Avinex Prelude Dynamics Tetrial, LLC MMS Holdings Concentrics Research Xenotech LLC Donawa Lifescience Consulting MD Biosciences Cambridge Biomedical Syncare Clinical Services List of Contract Research Organizations by Country. Hill Top Research Sristek Consulting SLG (China-CRO) AML Clinical Services Greatspur Clinical Development Limited Averion International CPR Services PROMetrika Argentina Dedicated Phase I, Inc. Divis Laboratories Limited Stem Cells treatment. Moncoa Medical Research Clinsys Appletree SGS Lifesciences Dimensione Ricerca (DR Group) Synexus Metrics Research Cedarburg Hauser Pharmaceuticals ResearchPoint Kriger Research Group International (KRC) Sequent Development Phidea /Marvin ProDERM Edinger Medical Group and Research Center ClinSmart GSTT Emergency Scientific and Medical Services, Gulf Coast Research Associates Stiris Research, Inc Convergence CT NDA Regulatory Science (NDA Group) Cerner QPS (also: QPS Bio-Kinetic) Siri Technologies Dr M Koehler GmbH (Germany) CTO Clinical Trial Operations 2. Encorium Quantum Solutions India (QSI) Belnico Cliantha Research, a leading life science company, is a global full service Contract Research Organization with integrated offerings in Clinical, Bioanalytical, Dermatology, Biometrics, Pathology and Formulation services. Linical Co., Ltd. Integrium VPS-CRO (VenturePharm Services) Fast-Track Drugs and Biologics Clinesian Research Management Omnicare Clinical Research, a leading contract research organization (CRO) operating in 30 countries, provides clinical trials management (Phases I-IV), data analysis and data submission in all major therapeutic categories for the pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology companies. Clinitude aCROnordic A/S Altiora Emerson Resources Graffinity Pharmaceutical Design GmbH Hylae Clinical Research SMO-USA Arkios BioDevelopment International Medidata Solutions, Inc Nextar Chempharma Solutions Courante Oncology Oroxcell The Clinical Trial Company (TCTC) Veeda Oncology PPD. International Clinical Trials Association (ICTA) APCER Pharma PharmaFacts Damascus Road, Beirut-Lebanon, mobile : + 961 3 672 310 (Dr. Georges Labaki), ______________________________________________________, 1st Dental Laboratories Prohealth Clinical Research Versagenics Axon CRO Midian Clinical Ltd NorthWise Services MDCI Gene Logic, Inc (USA) Kronos Laboratory Quintiles TargetHealth Dubar Research Foundation ClinBay Symfo Argentina Cliantha Research Ahmedabad, GJ, 382424 India. Allphase WCCT (West Coast Clinical Trials) DevDx Clinical Axio Research Centralabs Clinical Research, Inc (USA) Research & Development RA SA Peruvian Clinical Research Physiogenix FEFA Genuine Pharma – Egypt EDC Pharma Services Actual problems of surgery and anesthesia 2018 medical conference, Пример тестовых заданий для оформления сертификата GCP в 2021 году. Laxai Catalyst Clinical Services ONCOtherapeutics Integra Group Clinstat Consulting RCC Laboratories Clinical Trials International OnQ Consulting Operatrix Consulting MB Quest Pharm-Olam International (POI) Nagy Research Biovail Contract Research Global Drug Development Experts (GDDE) AAI Pharma Services Klifovet AG Orion Clinical Services MEK Consulting CMIC Company Limited CRI Worldwide Veristat VCRO Carolinas Research Associates Noblewell Venn Life Sciences Synchron Global CINRG AXON Pleiad Devices Semler Biotrofix Bio Analytical Research Corporation (BARC) Pelvipharm Clinserv The Patient Recruiting Agency (TPRA) PharmaIntel MakroCare Biocentrum List of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) Phoenix Clinical Research . h2h Clinical Research Services P-Value Medical Palm Beach CRO InPEC BV Clinical Research Advantage, Inc. (CRA) Grayline Research American International Clinical Research & Development (AICRD) QuailCRO JANIX Biocard Research SCRO Study Hall ICRC-Weyer (Independent Clinical Research Consulting) Charles River Laboratories Clinitria Cu-Tech Business & Development Life Sciences (B&D Group) Clinlogix Iris Pharma Pharmatek Laboratories, Inc Biomonitor Avitacor Gleneagles CRC Intermountain Clinical Research (ICR) Key Oncologics (Pty) Ltd ICTS Indus Biotherapeutics Clinical Site Services (CSS) Trident Clinical Research 6. Estern Medical Labnetworx Advanced Clinical Research Institute (ACRI) Aclires Recerca Clinica Washington Biotechnology, Inc Clintegral ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services (RPS) Hi Tech Bio Laboratories Ashuren Health Sciences Intox Lab Bioskin Osaiway Research Siesta Group Firecrest Clinical Commonwealth Biotechnologies iResearch Limited FAN GmbH List of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) Phoenix Clinical Research . Argint Orbis Data Solutions CEMO Kinesis Pharma BV Clinimetrics CROfessionals Cetero Research List of Contract Research Organizations by Country. Norwich Clinical Research Associates Clinqua Asklep International Drug Development Institute (IDDI) P3 Research Bright Pharmaceutical Services IntrexTest Clinical Investigations, Ltd. Outcome Chiltern. Maestro Clinical CRONIS A10 Clinical Solutions NoAb BioDiscoveries Nexus Oncology Advanced Clinical Research (ACR) Chiltern International, Inc (USA) Northern California Research KRI, Inc. (Kansai Research Institute) MedPass Parexel QED Clinical Services Research Assist, Inc. US Oncology InVentiv Clinical Parexel. Advanced Clinical Services LLC Excel Lifesciences ClinTrials Research Source BioScience Medicines Evaluation Unit  (MEU) C&R Research JSS Medical Research Jasper Dishman Group Emissary Unit 5545 PO Box 6945 AlcheraBio SPRI Clinical Trials-Global LLC Bio Reliance Corporation Biocult BV (The Netherlands) Premas Biotech Pvt, Ltd PharSafer Associates Ltd mobile : + 961 3 672 310 (Dr. Georges Labaki) office number: + 961 1 429 566. Strategic Regularoty Consulting (SRC) Rejuvendus Clinical Research BIOP AG Promedica International Acronet Omnicare HungaroTrial BASi Applied Clinical Intelligence mobile : + 961 3 672 310 (Dr. Georges Labaki) office number: + 961 1 429 566. FOVEA Group Scope International AG Pacific BioLabs DaVita Clinical Research ARS Clinical Trials Mediscis MSOURCE This is a current (as of 1 April 2011) list of Contract Research Organizations (CROs), including clinical, pre-clinical, and other clinical service providers. UMDNJ CRO (University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey) Magene Life Sciences Pvt, Ltd (India) Andurihl Medical Writing CC Cromos Pharma GVK Biosciences Q-Trials ASKA Research PPD Reliance Clinical Research Services (Reliance Life Sciences) Research Dynamics 4G Pharmacovigilance LLP ProInnovera Asiatic Clinical Research Roxaane Research Limited Convex CRO Clinfocus Research Trial Form Support (TFS) HaInbal MTZ Clinical Research website – _____ 1st Dental Laboratories Imperial Clinical Research Services Vibgyor Scientific Research Pacific Bridge Medical CERB SRA MicroConstants RCRI IST DP Clinical EpiStat Research Quanticate Trio Clinical Research PRA International Trial sponsors who want to transfer responsibilities to CROs must do so in writing, though this doesn't absolve the sponsor of the need to ensure quality data. Hegi Research Corp Get listed. MCRA If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. XenoBiotic Laboratories (XBL) PharmaPart Progressive Life Sciences (PLS) Axon Medchem GenScript Cape Cod Clinical Research, Inc (CCCRI) BBK Create a free website or blog at Spectrum Regulatory Solutions 4. Quest Diagnostics, Inc Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services Applied Healthcare Resource Management (AHRM) IFE Baltic UAB Huntingdon Life Sciences (UK) PaxMed Phamos Sai Advantium (SAI) Ora Clinical Advinus Therapeutics Private Limited Clinireach 7. Westat Quality Assistance Stem cell therapy is one of several non-surgical treatments for arthritis pain. Fractals Clinical Research, Frontage (ABR) Fulcrum Pharma Therapeutics, Inc. Siro Clinpharm Piedmont Natco Pharma (India) Registrat-MAPI MD Biosciences, Inc Trial Management Group Profil Research MedSource Genexion Schiff & Co. Vital Systems Inc Cliniminds Intrinsic Imaging LLC Tigermed Consulting Ultmarc Mediolanum Cardio Resesarch (MCR) SMS Oncology PRA Health Sciences. Discovery Research International (DRI) Julius Clinical Research Marin Biologic Laboratories They support clients’ efforts to test, refine, and market the latest pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Strides Arcolabs Limited (India) iGATE Clinical Research International Alliance Research Group Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI) Neox Clinical Research International HealthCare LLC Aliora Watermark Research Partners MMG Althian SMO Premier Research USA: KY: Covington: C: clinical, pharmacy: Seniors Aepodia Pharmaceutical Advisors Jai Research Foundation (JRF) Consumer Product Testing Company (CPTC) PDS (Pharmaceutical Development Services) Paragon Biomedical Veeda Clinical Research Pacific Biomarkers Estudios Clínicos Latinoamérica (ECLA) Lowden International, LSK Global PS MedTrials NaviGo Research Aviva Fridman Clinical Trials MedPace Novatia Covance Inamed Paradigm Clinical ClinResearch KCR If you would like to use this list in a purely non-commercial way, you are welcome to, provided you credit the list’s author (Kyle J. Shimek), List of Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Datapharm Australia ReSolution Latin America Shandon Clinical Trials ClinAudits BioPharma Services Inc STAT Research Pierrel Quartesian SMP Clinical Development ChemSun Quetzal Cliical Research Vedic Lifesciences Cantest BioRASI Clinical Research Factory-CRO Clin Trial Limited Medelis StatWorks InCROM Top 10 Clinical Research Organisations in the Pharma and Biotech Industry 1. Radiant Research Pharmaffiliates Our list of the top CROs to watch profiles the industry's leaders and emerging companies. Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences PRISMA (P.R.I.S.M.A.- CRO) Berytech Technology & Health Damascus Road, Beirut-Lebanon. Globalpharmatech Pvt, Ltd Kendle CROCont(r)acts (Germany) 4Clinics Altree Healthcare This list is to be used as an educational tool only and is NOT intended to be used for commercial purposes. Comparative Biosciences, Inc Aptuit Egeen International BioFocus (USA) MediCroStar Chembiotech Laboratories Cepha Icon. Amarex Clinical Research Aurum Clinical Research WuXi AppTec PPC (Protech Pharmaservices Corporation) INC Research Trialog Clinical Trials London,W1A 6US, 8. Actimus Bio IRW Consulting Phaze SA Accumedix, Inc RTI Health Solutions Congenix Calvert Laboratories, Inc (USA) Syreon Hawaii Clinical Research Center Ergomed Bri Biopharmaceutical Research Dimension Research ChemDiv Metropolis Health Services Intertek ASG ActivaCRO New Brunswick Scientific Co Innoventz Hurley Consulting OSMOS Clinical Research, Inc Ingenix Pharmaceutical Services Cqua Research International Consortium Clinical Research MegaMed Clinical Research GB Pharma Biometrix Avail Clinical Research AXIS Clinicals Pinnacle Research Group Klinar CRO FGK Clinical Research BIOCIUS Lifesciences USA: KY: Covington: C: clinical, pharmacy: Seniors Aagami ACR Image Metrix AlphaGenesis Incorporated (AGI) Akos Albuquerque Clinical Trials (ACT) 3.4 Data Sources List 4 Contract Research Organization (CRO) and CDMO for Pharmaceutical Market Overview 4.1 Overview 4.2 Market Dynamics 4.2.1 … Health Decisions CROM Group (Contract Research Organization Medical and Pharmaceutical Projects) Factum Chiltern BioSoteria Bradstreet Clinical Research Camargo Pharmaceutical Services Cord Blood Stem Cell Study Shows Promise for Autism. Ecron Acunova (also Manipal Acunova) Beltas Best Biotek Research Labs EGCP S.A. (Excellence in Good Clinical Practice) Pharmatech Oncology Maghreb Clinical Research (MCR) Abridge Biotoxtech Co., LTD SNBL USA TTC Symbio IQVIA. MedFocus Celerion Biovantix ScinoPharm Apredica Get listed. 9. SOCAR Research Sylvana Research Associates Java Clinical Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services Statking Consulting Cmed Group Anabase SCIDRE – Scientific Development & Biomedical Research Organization (SCIDRE Co.) Quantum Ltd. Accell Clinical Research Sinclair Research CCDRD Ephoran Aspect TMS Biosceinces Molecule CRO PRECOS ChemBiotek American Scitech International Lambda Therapeutic Research Limited Key documents. BioClinica ATLAS Medical Services Omnicare Clinical Research, a leading contract research organization (CRO) operating in 30 countries, provides clinical trials management (Phases I-IV), data analysis and data submission in all major therapeutic categories for the pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology companies. Spectrum Clinical Research Pharma Medica Research Ockham Asia Global Research (AGR) ASCOPharm Clinical Solutions International, LLC Monitoring Force Worldwide Clinical Trials (WWCT, WCT, CEDRA) Contract Research Organizations are outsourcing firms hired by companies in the medical industry to perform tasks related to drug discovery, development, and testing, namely clinical trials. Clinical Supplies Management, Inc (CSM) Alticure Research Snowledge Triesta Science Kasa Consult Xendo PSI Clinical Device Group (CDG) Amarex Agilent Technologies, Inc FALCO Biosystems 10. AIX Scientifics United Kingdom, NBScience - Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Treatment, List of Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Global Research Services (GRS) Rho Prodia Acurian, Inc ACORN CRO Applied Biosystems OPIS (On Pharmaceutical Industry Service) GCP training on-line (GCP certification). Contract research organisations (CROs) are essential to the pharma, biotech, and MedTech industries. JSW Life Sciences DSP Clinical Research TGA Sciences, Inc Arrowhead LBBM Biomedical Research D2L RxcelPartners Pharmahungary PrimeVigilance November Research Group SciAn Symbion Eliapharma Services Inc. Smerud Medical Research CATO Research eResearchTechnology, Inc (ERT) Clintech Research Integrated Clinical Research Clintrac International LatAm Clinical Trials Cormac Medical Alquest, Inc Are you considering stem cell therapy to help treat your spinal pain? ClinTec International Prologue Research International BPI Service Gmbh – Pooling Project Pharmacovigilance Visionar CliniRx Research ABC Laboratories, Inc Cirion Contract Research Laboratory Scimega Research IATEC On-line training course on GCP audit and inspection (click here), Berytech Technology & Health KAI Research Cropha CRO Kemwell Pvt Ltd Anapharm Quorom Review Inc. Next Generation Clinical Clinipace Perceptive Informatics, Inc Coronis Research SA A-Pharma s.r.o. Medpace. MPI Research KGK Synergize Pharmalys Clinical Research Consulting, Inc. Aklima Clinical Research Squarepoint-Pointcarre Richmond Pharmacology Novella Clinical ABF Pharmaceutical Services Regulatory Clinical Research Institute, Inc (RCRI) STI Pharma, LLC ACM Criterium ClinFinity Providence Clinical Research (PCR) Comply Services 3. Forenap Pharma Winicker Norimed Max Neeman RenaSci AB Sciex InfoQuest Clinical CTTI (Clinical Trials TEVA Israel) ClinAssure TCG Lifesciences Limited (formerly known as Chembiotek) ProCitius Research Sysdata Consulting Harlan Monipol Berytech Technology & Health Damascus Road, Beirut-Lebanon. Accelovance BioClin Health Care PharmaTrials, Inc Novotech Neuroinvestigations, Inc Fountain Medical Development (FMD) Monitor Medical Research and Consulting Focus Clinical Drug Development (Focus CDD) Retroscreen Biomapas Symphony Pharma Life Sciences OCT – (Outsourcing Clinical Trials) Cerebricon Clinres Farmacija Synteract Aris Global Bone Marrow Stem Cell– is there any alternative? Biofortis (Silliker) ADDS (Advanced Drug Development Services) website – _____ 1st Dental Laboratories NCGS Labratories Fisher Clinical Services. Absorption Systems Beardsworth Holburn ANTAEA Medical Services Clinilabs Cogtest Inc, Comac Medical Vivo Bio Tech Limited Peachtree BioResearch Solutions Clinical Trial Concepts Octagon Research Solutions Arete Clinical Research Unison Clinical Research (UCR) Kseron LLC Dava Oncology Clindatrix Aginko Hoosier Oncology Group H&J CRO International Swiss Pharma Contract B&C Group Covance. Insearch Davinci Biomedical Research Products, Inc. Accelsiors Oracle CR&DS Springborn Smithers Laboratories ZM Company, Actual problems of surgery and anesthesia (for young scientists) September 22-23, 2018 Kiev Registration, Пример тестовых заданий для оформления сертификата GCP в 2021 году 1) Обязанностью представителя спонсора является : a) извещение главного исследователя в письменной форме о предстоящем аудите; b) извещение всех исследователей в письменной форме о предстоящем Read more…, NBScience Pharmalog Apologies for the formatting, as it is difficult to format a spreadsheet of this magnitude into an easy-to-read knol. Mediprobe Research Inc Medfiles Tech Observer SYNARC/CCBR Mediserv Harrison Clinical NB Science DOCRO Inclinix It is the largest collection of it’s kind in the world. TKL Research Universal Research Group The CRO Group, Inc. Clinquest ZeinCRO Nuvisan Pharma Services Syneos Health. KPS Clinical Services Simbec Research Pharmacosmos CRO Theradex Certus International Rejuvenation/Anti-aging Therapy, Stem cells applications in bone and tooth repair and regeneration, Stem Cells therapy of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Clinical Trials: ICH, GCP rules, regulatory (EMEA, FDA) GCP inspections.