I remember the Gavia as a very beautiful climb with amazing views. The incl. Am Scheitel des landschaftlich sehr schönen Gaviapasses befindet sich das Rifúgio Bonetta, das auch Schlafsackunterkünfte anbietet. ✓ streetview Passo Gavia I beg to disagree with others that say the scenery is not as good as other climbs. Do you have pictures of the Passo Gavia? One of my favorites. Did this from Bormio, taking in the Mortirolo enroute. Nel cuore del Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio al cospetto del Corno dei Tre Signori e della Punta Pietrarossa si trova il Passo di Gavia, quota 2652mslm. Über den zwischen den Gipfeln des Corno dei Tre Signori (3360 m) und des Monte Gavia (3223 m) gelegenen Scheitel des Passo di Gàvia verläuft die Verbindung zwischen Bormio im Valtellina (NW) und Ponte di Legno im Val di Sole (S). Für all diejenigen, die den Passo di Gavia erfolgreich bezwungen haben, stellt die Gastlichkeit der Familie Bonetta immer wieder eine echte Erholung dar. You continue to climb in complete darkness. If the bike takes a break, then the body is revved up. Kommerzielle, beleidigende oder unpassende Postings werden gelöscht. Stelveo a dull grind on a highway infested with motorbikes. Giro d'Italia 2014 I did this ride last month a couple of days before the Stelvio Santini. Dieser Pass südlich von Bórmio dürfte für Abenteuerlustige ein hochalpiner Leckerbissen sein. Over this distance, you climb 1363 heightmeters. ✓ full bucket list :  as some of the others said you can feel the history in every turn of the pedal, a real privalage. Eine gefährliche, sehr ausgesetzte Passage, die in der Vergangenheit zu schweren Unfällen geführt hatte, wird heute durch einen Tunnel umgangen. Die landschaftlich sehr schöne und abwechslungsreiche Strecke über den Gaviapass ist relativ wenig befahren und auch bei Radfahrern sehr beliebt. Bitte beachten: Die Kommentarmöglichkeit ist für Hinweise, kurze Befahrungsberichte, ergänzende The Passo Gavia via Ponte di Legno is ranked number 116 of the Alps. You must climb it! Starting from Ponte di Legno… In my opinion this is the best climb ever I almost got attacked by some farmer dog, I couldn''t see a thing the rain was so heavy, I then went through a tunnel towards the top that was pitch black I couldn''t see a thing, I just followed the white line in the centre of the road. 59 years old and my first mountain pass. Es gibt derzeit keine größeren Baustellen. There is 1 tunnel and the road is large there, so it''s good to have lights. 31/05/2008. Auf der schmalen und kehrenreichen Südrampe des Gaviapasses gibt es im oberen Abschnitt einige steinschlaggefährdete Passagen. The Passo Gavia via Ponte di Legno is ranked number 116 of the Alps. Very friendly, great espresso, and a view that cant be matched. )- will just have to go back again I suppose- clearly a bit easier from Bormio but very pretty. just to make the experience more exciting, the entire road, which was only one small lane in places, was traveled by motorcycles using the road and at very high speeds-this is especially exciting when one passes you in the above mentioned tunnel-kinda like being passed by an f-16.as you climb ,be reminded that american andy hamstead won the giro di italia on this climb in a snowstorm. That day in August 2012 I did Bormio-Gavia-Ponte Di Legno-Gavia-Bormio (and went up to Stelvio-Bormio). Und falls das Wetter einmal umschlägt – wir sind hier in hochalpinem Gelände – stehen jederzeit auch bis zu 40 Schlafplätze in waschechter Berghütten-Idylle … One of those climbs where you feel the history.. On the 26 of May 2006 I climbed the Passo Gavia from the side of Ponte di Legno along with five of my friends. Lage. Gaviapass, Passo Gavia (Italien) mit dem Motorrad Bericht, Fotos und Route zur Motorradtour über den Gaviapass Der Gaviapass beginnt in Bormio auf 1'217 m. ü. M. und durchquert den italienischen Nationalpark (Parco Nationale dello Stelvio) und gehört unzweifelhaft zu den schönsten Alpenpässen. Don''t play with the Gavia! It was a very clear sunny day and after Santa Caterina it was just beautiful. Giro d'Italia 2013 the Passo Gavia ascent is 17.3 km long. Es soll auch die Auffahrt zum Stilfzer Joch von Bormio aus geschlossen sein. Tell us your story or send some pictures. The tunnel is scary without lights, but it is all a matter of looking ahead. Failed to see photos of 1988 mentioned below (triple bah! The views were awesome as I topped out just before sunset and descended to Bormio in a light jacket and kneewarmers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR7fE1BGuxQ. Day 7 - Stelvio Pass - Innsbruck (Austria) - 300 kms Morning drive from the Pass down to Bormio then over the Gavia pass to Ponte di Legno, then val Passiria on the Rombo pass toward Innsbruck for the overnight. hoch gelegenen Passhöhe zu durchfahren, auf der Südrampe fünfzehn Kehren. Der Gaviapass liegt im Nationalpark Stilfserjoch und verbindet Bormio im Norden mit Ponte di Legno im Süden über eine 43 km lange Passstraße. The cafe at the top is a god sent. Randsicherung auch in 2009 teilweise gleich „Null“. the Gavia, this is a real treat - it starts downhill, parallel to a river (just like the Stelvio North side) and gets quite steep (16%) as the the road narrows - but it is beautifully tarmacd now, very smooth and a bit shady. The average percentage thus is 7.9 %. One of the most surreal riding experiences Ive had is the long tunnel towards the end of the climb. I recommend a strong lightweight flashlight and rear reflectors. Gavia a "religious" experience on a desolate single lane. 20 Soldaten abgestürzt ist. Durchfahrt nach Bormio nich möglich, Auszug von www.alpenpaesse.de: Eingeschränkt: Ab dem 5. I risked it, when I started the climb the last bike I saw till the top, shouted too wet don''t ride in broken English! The scenery is nice but on many other cols the scenery nicer. Juli sind zwei Durchgangsfenster von 7.00 bis 10.00 Uhr und von 18.00 bis 21.00 Uhr geöffnet. I climbed the Gavia after climbing the Mortirolo from Mazzo 29th July 2010. Nice and gentle at the bottom, from Bormio, increasing in gradient to a steady 7 or 8%. I will be back here again. Anyway this is one of the most spectacular passes you can climb and also important part of cycling history. A bottle of water at the top is 2 euros, but worth a million. ✓ download gpx-files (Benutzerstatus: Anonymous) It is ranked No. The maximum slope is 16%. Follow Climbbybike touring the small and big climbs of the world. 20 Soldaten abgestürzt ist. The road narrows significantly after a few kms of approach, coincident with the first of the steep sections. As many others in 2005. ✓ no ads. The Passo Gavia has been climbed by 77 climbbybikers. 120 km cycling with 3020 Higthmeters, and was a day we will remember allways. Auf der Nordrampe gibt es im oberen Drittel ein paar Ansätze für Baustellen, aber nur halbherzige Beschilderungen und keine Absperrungen. I''ve been caught by bad weather before in mountains on a bike before but that was an experience I''ll never forget. I love Ducattis but being passed at speed by one of those things in the tunnel is pretty scarey ! Auffhahrt von Süden möglich, weiterfahrt nach Bormio mach massivem steinschlag gesperrt! Dieses kleine Teilstück der alten Gavia-Pass-Strecke war früher offen und konnte für den der sich traute (oder auch dumm genug war sich so viel selbst zu gefährden) mit dem Motorrad befahren werden. The Passo Gavia is situated in Lombardy. If you are climbing from Ponte di Legno there is a very nice cafe about half way up the climb. Highly recommended. Did the Passo Gavia from Ponte di Legno in May 2014, a couple of days before riding the Granfondo Stelvio Santini. Brian Berthelsen, Vildbjerg Motion, Denmark, I climbed the Passo di Gavia several years ago from thePonte di Legno approach.I am a past road bike racer and have ridden in the french alps.I rode a 39x27 which wasnt too bad a choice. Did the Stelveo two days latter. Habe diese Info vom Hotel in dem ich heute übernachte. What looks like new roadworks takes you around the outskirts of the town and makes you climb a decent hill...only to drop you back down into the bakc of town and the real start of the Gavia. in the last 1/3 of the climb there is a very dark, steep, and long( more than 1 km) tunnel. Then it snowed and snowed. Giro d'Italia 2008 Etwas östlich des Scheitels liegt ein kleiner See. The Passo Gavia is situated in Lombardy. Hopefully with better legs. Ein Endurofahrer mit groben Stollenreifen kam uns entgegen und hat es wohl an der Stelle vorbei durch den Wald geschafft. From here we traverse Switzerland using some motorway stretches to get the miles done before a night on the Swiss German border. Welcome to Kanyarfoto, the new hub for motorsport enthusiasts and scenic ride lovers, where you can finally get a professional shot of your ride in full action.If you have seen our signs out there, you will probably find your photo in here. I remember spectacular views on the part before tunnel and cold wind when you get out of the tunnel. Nach seiner Aussage soll das für Großenduros ohne echte Stollenreifen unmöglich sein. Very necessary coffee and Mars bar at summit refugio. At that time, and still today, the Gavia climb is the hardest one I have ever done. The description on this site is incorrect - the road (except for the tunnel bypass) is not dirt nor it is one lane. Locazioni: Ponte di Legno - Val Martello on I climbed and I climbed all the way to the restaurant at the top. The Dolomites were a bit cool that year as I recall; it was the year that the race dropped Erbe from the schedule at the last minute due to snow. Discover all the most difficult climbs in Italy and the This climb belongs to the Alps. Since 2005, the Passo Gavia will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages: But what a feeling to reach the top! Starting from Ponte di Legno, the descent is extremely beautiful, there were cross country skiers on rollers skies going up as we were going down. Even following the small tail light of my friend its really hard to judge where you are and you are all over the road. Passo Gavia ist daher nur aus Ponte di Legno erreichbar. The surface now is smooth and nice. It was by far the easiest of the climbs (Gavia, Stelvio, Mortirolo). Climbed Gavia from Ponte Di Legno after riding from Bormio and up the Mortirolo. A night close to St Moritz is the first with no lake in sight. next are the hairpins, which are great as one can rest on the bends, then some really energy sapping sections which reminded me of Holme Moss just on and on, then the tunnel which I would recommend lights, not too steep - in fact it was after the tunnel that it seems to get steeper. Kommentare von nicht angemeldeten Benutzern werden manuell freigeschaltet, was Very nice climb. I had to pull in a couple of times and the gradient and the rain streaming down the road made getting traction to restart really hard. jim hoffmeister, newport, wash., usa ride on, ✓ full access i did Gavia 3 times some yaers ago, the first time was a dirty road, then with tarmac... Ponte Di Legno - Val Martello /Martelltal on The summit is like another planet, what with the significant altitude. Rode Gavia for the 2nd time on the 29th of September. I remember this date well, as I have never experienced such bad weather on a bike. I did Gavia from Ponte di Legno after already climbing Mortirolo that day. Chalk and cheese. Forecast was 14C raining Bormio, unusual this time of year. At least it stopped raining but the damage was already done as our wet clothing combined with the dropping air temperature. A tough climb! Like many of the other riders, I did this after the Mortirolo from Mazzo (beware getting to Mazzo along the main road is a unforgettable experience - with a 7.3km tunnel within the first 10km! Not the hardest one, but as the road goes up the landscape becomes more & more beautiful...what a scenario! I rode with compact 34/27 and it was very usefull, and ligths in the tunnel is a must. As you get higher the snow starts to pile high at the roadside. The tunnel near the summit offers a unique experience, but beware, the darkness is tangible and caution must be exercised when passing through, especially on the descent. Send them here! It''s harder then Stelvio or Mont Ventoux, for example. Also very quiet- surprised a handful of alpine ibex on way up and marmots on way down! When we got to the bottom of the pass the road was closed with a sign saying the pass was only open to traffic for 1 hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. In 2016 I stayed in Bormio and planned to ride the Gavia pass. 20 as the most climbed climb in the world. most popular climbs in Italy. then its not to hard to to the top, I could even manage a sprint finish! I would say I actually enjoyed climbing it, rather than simply taking satisfaction from completing the other two. On the top it was only 2 degrees warm, and after filling up the energy resources at the top cafe, we went freezing down to the Hotel in Santa Caterina Valfurva which was half way down the Bormio side. Beschreibungen und ähnliches gedacht. Theres no Stelvio, Mortirolo etc etc....this is my favorite climbe. A kind Italian Girotourist offered me banan + an apple, which was just what I needed to reach the top. Further up the climb, if you dont want to go through the tunnel, head off to the left and you can ""ride"" the old dirt road and come to the place the famous Jobst Brandt photo was taken in 1978 (they sell it as a postcard at the refugio at the top of the pass). Kanyarfoto Kanyarfoto. Fuel up before the drop back down to Bormio and the warmth of the valley. Grund für den Bau des Tunnels war wohl auch dass 1954 ein Lkw mit rd. :  he was assisted by his teammate bob roll who froze his brain and hasnt been the same since. before the top of Gavia, a stong cold wind, took out the last power of my legs. Most notable parts are very steep 15-16 % sections in the woods at the starts, long and dark tunnel, and steep last few km after tunnel. 4 km. I stayed here for an hour, to my amazement (still snowing) 2 Spanish riders arrived shivering, one of them looked horrible, I waited for over an hour for my decent back into Bormio then Mazzo, the decent was very tricky, but towards the end the weather dried up and some heat hit my body. Der zu überwindende Höhenunterschied beträgt jeweils etwa 1400 m. Du bist zurzeit nicht angemeldet. Die Sperrung Zwischen Pass und Bormio kann ich noch für den 05.09.2019 bestätigen. For some reason Gavia remained one of my favorite passes and reward for climbing it are spectacular landscapes. Der Belag ist hier seit der letzten Ausbesserung zwar genauso gut wie auf der Nordseite, trotzdem bleibt die Südrampe wegen ihrer Unübersichtlichkeit, der stellenweise sehr schmalen Fahrbahn und den Steigungen, die bis zu 16% erreichen, die schwierigere der beiden Rampen. manchmal eine Weile dauern kann. Almost flat for the last half mile and a small cafe at the top which served the best hot chocolate I''ve ever had (may have been more due to fatigue and chill in the air!). I suggest a 34x26 or34x27(compact) or a 30x27 triple. Prepare yourself to climb the Passo Gavia successfully. Dann wurde im Rahmen der Tour de France erstmalig ein Asphaltbelag aufgebracht. Grund für den Bau des Tunnels war wohl auch dass 1954 ein Lkw mit rd. They paved and widened the road around 1996. Thanks to Jim Hoffmeister for tip about ligths and gearchoice, which I have read before leaving Denmark. Stand 28.8.2019 um 17:30: Strasse zwischen Bormio und Santa Caterina Valfurva ist für gesamten Verkehr GESPERRT wegen Steinschlaggefahr. Bis 1986 war der Gavia eine reine Schotterpiste mit sehr dürftiger Randsicherung. early sections are pretty bad with the ammount of road traffic. The traffic is slow as the road is narrow and bumpy, so ideal for bikers. If you are already on Zwiftpower, we would like to invite you to join our Climbbybike Zwiftpower team. Ponte Di Legno - Val Martello /Martelltal. the scenery is second to none, hard climb in the meddle section but very rewarding, the last 3 km the view is amazing and you will forget all the hard work, after the tunnel there is a lake and you can view the entire valley, just magical. Overall the Gavia isnt as hard as Ventoux for example, but still offers a great challenge made all the more intense due to the high summit. Im unteren Teil der Südrampe kann es bei Nässe durch feuchte Lärchennadeln sehr glatt werden! Bin am Abend von Süd nach Nord gefahren und nachdem das Stilfser Joch ohne Anküdigung gesperrt war, aber darauf folgenden Morgen wieder zurück. The location and/or facilities of this MoHo - Motorbike Hotel offer the best conditions for many physical and sports activities like hiking, running or mountain biking. Unlike some ppl here I didnt have any lights in the tunnel which wasnt pleasant experience. Learn here how to connect your Zwift account with Zwiftpower. Die Schließung bleibt von 10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr + von 21.00 bis 7.00 Uhr wirksam, Shuttleservice für Einwohner + Gäste der ST. Caterian Valfurva, Bestätigung unbefristete Sperrung wegen Hangabrutsches 30.06.2019, Auf unbestimmte Zeit wegen einem Hangrutsch gesperrt (26.06.19). Dieses kleine Teilstück der alten Gavia-Pass-Strecke war früher offen und konnte für den der sich traute (oder auch dumm genug war sich so viel selbst zu gefährden) mit dem Motorrad befahren werden. Auf der Nordrampe sind zehn Kehren bis zur 2621 m s.l.m. Another long full day of intense riding to get to the Stelvio pass where we will spend the night, lunch in Saint Moritz along the lake. Our mood wasnt boosted any as the clouds gathered and heavy rain started. It was my second climb of the day but I had been warned it was so difficult, that I expected it to be even more difficult. I found the Gavia somewhat inconsistent with respect to grade, with very steep sections approaching 10% and other more modest sections around 5%. :  Die vor ein paar Jahren noch geschotterte Piste bietet auf der Südrampe längere und wirklich nur einspurige Engstellen mit äußerst knappen Ausweichmöglichkeiten. Gaviapass, Passo Gavia (Italien) mit dem Motorrad Bericht, Fotos und Route zur Motorradtour über den Gaviapass Der Gaviapass beginnt in Bormio auf 1'217 m. ü. M. und durchquert den italienischen Nationalpark (Parco Nationale dello Stelvio) und gehört unzweifelhaft zu den schönsten Alpenpässen. Schon seit der Steinzeit nutzen Menschen den zwischen den Gipfeln des Corno dei Tre Signori (3.360 m) und des Monte Gavia (3.223 m) gelegenen Gavia als Übergang von Bormio ins Val di Sole. The only info I can get on the pass currently is that its closed due to the season (obviously). with huge lorries keeping their hands on the horn as they followed us. Positiv: auf der Südrampe ist das obere Teilstück von der Passhöhe bis zum Lago Nero neu asphaltiert! 27/05/2014 An incredible climb. The narrow (and steep !) What an amazing climb! This climb belongs to the Alps. Grund soll ein Erdrutsch sein. as always in the dolomites, a lower gear option would be wise. Einer meiner Lieblingspässe in der Gegend. The Passo Gavia and the infamous Stelvio Pass are both en route, making it a dream day for a rider. I got to climb the Gavia the penultimate day of the Giro 2006, when the pros were destined to climb it and the Mortirolo. Die alte Trasse war 2007 noch passierbar. You can see it from the road, but you have to walk a bit down to the left. 24/05/2013 Not easy and great to climb! Please goes in the rifugio to take a coffee and see the photos from giro of 88...amazing! Rovetta - Tirano on Before starting on Gavia we have just finish the climb up Mortirolo from the Mazzo side. Quiet col, up to 16%. ✓ interactive map Oben Mitte Juni noch jede Menge Schnee, aber die Straße ist frei. The road is not in the best condition the last two kilometres to the top, but if you ask me, I think it just adds to the charm. It was a wonderful clear and warm autumn day. When I arrived at the top, the owner took off my gloves and jacket and put me around a fire he gave me cake and coffee. I rode this from Bormio last month. If you want to climb the Passo Gavia, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Passo Gavia here. For me Gavia is, just like Mont Ventoux and Stelvio, one of those climbs you have to have done. Passo di Gàvia / Gaviapass (Pass, 2618 m) Über den zwischen den Gipfeln des Corno dei Tre Signori (3360 m) und des Monte Gavia (3223 m) gelegenen Scheitel des Passo di Gàvia verläuft die Verbindung zwischen Bormio im Valtellina (NW) und Ponte di I was on my own and made good use of a compact crank and 25 in the back. Did anyone ride it last year and was there still a time restriction on it?