The Mark XII was one the first in a series of Iron Man suits created during a period of rapid development that led to the creation of the Iron Legion.It was destroyed when the Clean Slate Protocol was activated by Tony Stark. It was featured in Iron Man 3, and made its debut when Tony ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. It was used and operated by Bruce Banner, to fight Thanos and the Black Order at the battle of Wakanda, while Tony Stark was off world. It was built after Captain America: Civil War.Powered by 14 Arc Reactors. The Mark XII Armor was Tony Stark's twelfth Iron Man suit and the fifth suit created after the Battle of New York.. THIS IS DIGITAL FILES (TEMPLATES) NOT A REAL SUPPLY Dimensions: Standart Adult Size (170-180 cm or 55-59 height) Iron Man Mark 12 (XII) Wearable Armor for EVA Foam, ready to print model. Include .pdo file or archive with files. View All Iron Man Armors The Mark XLVIII (Mark 48) is Tony Stark’s forty-eighth Iron Man suit. The Mark XXXII (Mark 32), also known by its codename as "Romeo", is an Enhanced RT Suit, and was one of several new Iron Man Armors created by Tony Stark as part of the Iron Legion.The armor was created sometime after the Battle of New York.. This item can be transformed and printed with Pepakura Viewer Program.