On the Berlin Avus, the Police, who had 5 Series BMWs cars and a BMW motorcycle, are in pursuit of James Bond, who is driving a stolen Alfa Romeo on a breakneck ride through the streets of Berlin. James Bond's gadget-filled cars are a staple of the 007 films. And … This is the moment James Bond’s BMW Z8 in “The World Is Not Enough” was sliced into half by helicopter with tree-cutting saws. The first BMW in a James Bond film took place in a chase scene in 1983’s Octopussy. The bike involvement was less significant, though, with a German cop on the BMW R80 chasing Bond’s Alfa Romeo GTV6. 5: BMW R80, Octopussy, 1983. The move from Aston Martin to BMW proved largely unpopular amongst aficionados of … https://fangio.be/aston-martin-db5s-uit-james-bond-zijn-eigenlijk-bmws The BMW Z8 was a James Bond car’s in 1999’s “The World Is Not Enough” film. BMW is one of the few brands fortunate enough to share a little sliver of history with the James Bond franchise. For stunt car-duty, the James Bond stunt team built three bespoke DB5 replicas on custom ladder frame chassis, with roll cages, Öhlins dampers and a BMW inline-six. Each weaponized ride is as much (or even more) of a character as the spy himself. Minichamps "James Bond" BMW R1200C Motorbike - cream body, silver frame with chrome engine - taken from the film "Tomorrow Never Dies" - Mint (although one mirror requires slight attention repair), comes complete with display plinth which is Mint, outer carded film strip box and inner polystyrene tray are Mint - only available through BMW Dealership. THE official movie ‘Octopussy’ was effectively a rival to Never Say Never Again, released the same year and featuring the era’s proper Bond, Roger Moore.