100% Upvoted. awakening level affect sirus lvl = life/dmg. 2. Note: while the side-panel on the left in the atlas provides a space to store watchstones, the watchstones stored within the panel have no effect on the atlas. This build is not cheap at all and is harder to setup than my other CoC characters (see build guide). Number of … Sirus, Awakener of Worlds will now be more aware of where Deatomisation Storms are and will no longer cast his Meteor or Corridor skills if he is near one. You just want to get to Sirus 8 as quicky as you can, as it gives the best bonus to general mapping among everything else. In order for a watchstone to affect the atlas, it must be socketed within the relevant area in the citadel. Sirus awakening level difficulty. You just want to get to Sirus 8 as quicky as you can, as it gives the … I needed to test if high ES would be a better option to scale in to now when I have more currency to spend on my builds. There, kill Sirus, Awakener of Worlds. hide. Source please! So either one statement is simply wrong OR Sirus is not considered to be a Conqueror, right? "The Awakener has been decreased to level 81 from 84 at Awakening levels 1 to 5, increasing by one for each additional Awakening level. Had Sirus on Awakening level 8 beaten but... 3 Unecessary deaths/lost portals: 1. died once to lag death off-screen laser coming back to Sirus Circle of influence. Question. 3. coming back to one of the instances from where I died earlier, I assumed there wouldn't be a death cloud at Sirus. HIS DAMAGE AND LIFE ARE ALWAYS STATIC AND NOT RELYING OF AWAKENING LEVEL! This thread is archived. Got an awakening orb from Sirus 5 and Crusader's ex on Sirus 7. 24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab? share. AWAKENING LEVEL DOES NOT AFFECT THE DIFFICULT OF BOSS FIGHT. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SIRUS LVL 4 AND SIRUS LVL 8. Died once bc once 1st phase ended, and 2nd phase began, game froze & dc'd from the entire game. Additionally, the Final Conqueror, Sirus, Awakener of Worlds, ... the highest possible Awakening Level is 8. report. I have my first Sirus fight available from Zana right now and am wondering if his difficulty is already set to the awakening level I had active before he was available to me or if I raise my awakening level with my available watchstones now and raise his difficulty . [/quote] (I thought that was a joke) 25.1.2018: GGG … 4 comments. Awakening Level 8 Sirus CoC Ice Nova Kill, 10+K ES Low Life! He is still level 84 at Awakening level 8, and this only affects the item levels of his drops." save. Sirus now heals to 75% of his maximum life at the start of his final phase at Awakening level 8 (from 50%).