The Sims 2 []. What i did is download sim PE and followed these instructions link (removing the i'm dead memory from Bella Goth) i went onto the sims 2 game and played onto a family where mortimer is. The story-line is different in The Sims 2 compared to The Sims, and The Sims 3.Bella has two children instead of one, but Bella Goth disappears from a alien abduction. She has transcended all the various games released, and is a popular character to play. The Sims 2 Bella Goth. Bella Goth is a townie in the Strangetown community. When I was looking through all the bella goth disappearance articles and forums. Click on add nieghbour to family - bella goth. These mods will allow you to play a Sims 2 version of Bella. Jul 25, 2020 - Bella Goth has become something of a legend in the Sims world. 23 likes. I came across some information. Not to be confused with Bella Goth or Bella Goth (Lunar Lakes).. Bella Goth is a townie in Strangetown in The Sims 2.The Bella Goth of Strangetown was confirmed by Maxis to be the same Sim as Bella Goth from Pleasantview, as it relates to the game's storyline.From a technical standpoint, however, Strangetown Bella and Pleasantview Bella are separate Sims and are not the same. (The Traveling interest was all the … It is revealed in this story that Bella Goth is the sister of Michael Bachelor.She is hidden in The Sims 2 … A while back, I did a post attempting to finally find justice for Bella Goth, who tragically disappeared on The Sims. When looking of the Fandom Wiki page I discovered that one of Bella Goths interests (In the sims 2) was traveling. The patch makes it quite hardship-free for gamers to discover Bella. (I had him in the Caliente family) save before you use the L and D cheat/tombstone after entering boolprop. Bella Goth is one of the pre-made Sims shipped with The Sims game, in which she lives with her husband, Mortimer Goth, and her daughter, Cassandra Goth. in case you look in the storytelling folder, you will discover photos of Bella and with different participants of the Goth relatives. Maxis has released a patch for "The Sims 2." I also included other (usually dark red) outfits Bella might like to wear, and mods for her husband Mortimer and her daughter, Cassandra.